1. We currently have two control rooms, in which we record and mix music, and voice, and post film and video.

    Studio A is an analog/digital room designed for music production, capable of mixing in 5.1 surround sound.

    Studio B is totally digital, and is designed primarily for our advertising clients in the creation of TV and radio product.

  2. We offer Casting Services for our advertising clients. We have an extensive roster of local and national voice talent from which we match the right voice with the needs of our clients.

    We are AFTRA signators, so we can handle all union contracts and payments to the talent.

  3. We can record audio talent via ISDN phone lines, from anywhere in the world.

  4. We do Audio Post Production, and create Sound Design for Video and Film.

  5. We do Custom Music Scoring. We have a staff of composers that create original music, anything from a McDonald's jingle, to a score for a feature film, to music for NFL highlights.

  6. We have a complete Field Audio Package for sync sound to film and video. We are the only audio production facility in this area with all of the equipment and the trained staff needed to capture sound for film in the field.

  7. Once an advertising campaign or project is complete, we can upload the finished product directly to the Radio and TV stations via ISDN, or the Internet.

  8. Audio asset acquisition. We can digitize audio for use on the Internet, or for CD Rom, or hard drive presentations.